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Roof rust repair. 
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Post Roof rust repair.
Ok, not going to bugger around with checking how bad the rust is and how much needed to cut out. We shall just do it once and proper.
First up lets prep the car. mask up around the windows and use blankets or sheets that have a bit of burn resistance to cover the car, just tape up around the driver and passenger side roof and hang whatever you use over the doors so you can still get inside. Remove front and rear seats, need to remove rear seat anyway to get headlining off. Cover the dash and as much of the interior as you can, sh*t is gonna get hektic with welding and grinding.
See relevant guides for removing the headlining.

Once you have the headlining off, drill some holes along the brace bars to guide where you need to cut.Make sure you allow for the extended rust on the underside of the turret.
Mask up the turret on the outside so you have nice straight lines to cut. Now grab a cutting wheel and cut those bitches out.
For the rear section, if you can get away with it do not cut out the scooped section of the roof (no probs for sunroof guys). But do make sure all the glue is out between turret and bracing and no rust is present. Once you have the strips cut out you can now see the bracing which will be fairly well rusted as well. Grab a wire wheel for a grinder and clean it up...really clean it up. Hit the brace bars with some rust converter let it dry and then wipe down with a rag damp with metho.
Grab some cold gal paint, preferably not in a rattle can as you would be best to brush on in some areas and spray where you cannot get into. Cover the cold gal in some zinc rich primer if you are keen.

Now, grab some steel around the same thickness as the turret (i used some gal sheets).Cut them oversized as you really want to be fitting the plates under and not trying to seam weld them in. If you are really keen and not wanting to fill shape the center roof channel (especially the rear) you can oversize the plates on the outer and cut to fit for the center and bend the plates to suit. I run some welds where the channel is on the front as i did not remove the rear center and ground to suit, your choice.
Fire up the welder and start tacking in your plates, will need a bar to press under so the plate is nice and flush. Have a wet rag on hand, tack wet tack wet etc. Skip this step if you are looking for a warped turret. Lots of tacks so it is rigid.
Grind back the welds so nice and flush with turret. Rust convert again and wipe off with metho. Cold gal the welds and give the whole sections a prime.

Fill time. Do not bother with reinforced fillers unless you like lots of sanding for no gain. Fill and sand incrementally. So fill and knock back with 40 grade continually until you have the required level and rough shape. Random orbital will be very handy here. Do not refill over tacky body filler, let it cure.
Once you have a nice rough shape and straight lines on the center channel give it a good sand with 120 grade. Now you have a base for priming.

Priming, i would recommend giving the turret a coat of epoxy primer but is up to you. Gives a 100 percent seal. Anyway next step is a hi fill 2k primer. Give it a few good coats let it cure and knock back with 180-240 grade and then 400-600 depending on wether you are going a solid or metallic base paint for the finish.

That is all about i have. Not going to list tools/materials needed but if you need to know shoot me a message.
It is a time consuming job and looks daunting, but really is quite easy if you take time and pay attention as you go. Always happy to help out if you have questions or give a hand if nearby.
Apologies for lack of pics, had more and lost in transit.

Sat May 06, 2017 5:17 pm
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Post Re: Roof rust repair.
Good stuff, pics are good and instructions are clear, didn't expect that much rust underneath but good to know it just comes off with cleaning, not a cut and weld job.

Wed May 24, 2017 2:32 pm
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